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5 Users • 1 Fileserver • 5 Mobiles

Key format: ***** – ***** – ***** – *****.

– Download the distribution kit here: https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads
– Installing the program
– When prompted for a key, enter the code we purchased from us
– After the installation is complete, we get antivirus protection



Protect all your devices
• New! Security management of all devices
o Control over the Internet via a convenient web portal My Kaspersky
o Check the protection status of each device
o Remote Setup security features on Windows and Mac devices
o Management functions of the Anti-Theft module to search for a lost device and control data on it
o Purchase, renewal and license management, “Kaspersky Lab” products for all devices
• New! Password Manager for all devices provides a strong password, safe storage, automatic synchronization, and substitution on all devices
• Instant verification file security, software, and web sites to effectively block threats for Windows, Mac and Android
• Anti-Phishing prevents theft of personal data on fake Web sites and is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
• The optimal set of features, intuitive interface, and high performance on any device
Security features for Windows
• Scheduled backups put valuable data from selected folders on your windows computer to the cloud, which has access to all devices
• Encryption of data on your windows computer ensures the highest level of security
• PC cleaning tools increase productivity and maintain security
• The Secure payments for the protection of financial transactions on the Internet
• Parental Control to protect children from the negative impact of the Internet now supports secure search across social network
• Protection against unauthorized connections to the webcam to prevent spying on you through the camera of your computer
• Monitoring Internet traffic helps optimize costs when connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G (available for Windows 8 and above)
• Protection from programs-encoders prevents loss of your files with malware
• Wi-Fi public networks Safety Check helps protect you from data theft through unprotected network vulnerability search does not allow malware to exploit vulnerabilities in the system and applications
• Security Program Mode allows only trusted applications run, and restricts all suspicious programs
• Free automatic updates and the transition to the latest version supports the defense up to date
Security features for Android
• Search the device in case of loss or theft
• Lock and the ability to remotely wipe data from a lost device
• Checking links to get SMS-messages
• Filter unwanted calls and SMS
• Personal contacts are hidden from prying eyes
Security features for Mac OS
• New! Function Secure payments for the protection of financial transactions on the Internet
• Anti-Virus for Mac protects against virus attacks and other threats, designed specifically for the Mac
• Parental Control protects children from the negative impact of the Internet
Safe Browser for iOS, and Windows Phone
• Protection from the transition to malware and fraudulent websites
• Blocking of unwanted web content (pornography, violence, etc.).
• Available free of charge in the AppStore and the Windows Store

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Kaspersky Small Office Security

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